To do that, make sure you’re collecting the info that will help you grow your business – i.e. If you've set up a webpage which explains your giveaway (and maybe even showcases submissions) you can link to it from your bio. The best way you can promote your photo contest is simply by announcing it in an Instagram post that explains the contest, highlights the prize and gets people excited to enter. Five winners score a copy of Cecile Richards’ book, Make Trouble, plus a tote bag, bookmark, and Make Trouble pins. On Instagram, if you double-tap a photo, you like that photo. Add the hashtag #natgeo100contest in the caption. Security FAQs Did I mention how simple it can be to set up a giveaway? Run a Photo Contest with a Branded Hashtag By asking participants to post a photo with your branded hashtag, you’ll not only be collecting user-generated content to use for further marketing, you’ll boost … If you’d like to build an entry form to capture further data (like in the example above), that’s simple as well. When you run an Instagram photo contest one of the biggest decisions you'll need to make is what type of content you want users to submit. – since that is where a significant portion of your audience engages with your brand. There’s a ton of prize ideas you can select as giveaways. Whenever you created a hashtag you need to make sure it's: Learn More About Running a Successful Hashtag Campaign. Try to include a decent amount of information (at … Incorporate a UGC aspect to your contest … After all, it’s those repeat customers that make up most of your revenue. Check out our documentation on setting up your own contest or check out the app right away! There are loads of outstanding strategies you can implement to get ahead on Instagram, with one of the most impactful being running a photo contest. Refer-a-friend Contests Running a photo contest has a lot of valuable benefits. What’s more exciting than a “just because” giveaway? If your contest gets big enough your hashtag even has the potential to go viral. In this slightly similar contest, you can ask users to post photos on your hashtag and then have other people vote for the best photo through likes or comments. a name and email address. The main takeaway from this contest is that you'd be best off putting some decent time into the photos your use to promote your contest on your profile. Testimonials This Instagram contest has a trouble-making theme that sets it apart. There are different types of photo contests on Instagram. Video Contests A simple Instagram photo contest has all these amazing benefits and it will cost you little more than the price of a prize. Plus, you can easily validate entries to make sure they fit your submission criteria. Having a bunch of photos of happy customers is a great way to get people to view you in a positive light and help build a strong sense of community around your brand. Vote on your favorite photo in our Instagram story on … If your contest is major (this example is $100k major!) You can use Instagram contests to gain more followers, build brand awareness and trust and to work with influencers in your market. You can choose from a variety of Instagram giveaway ideas such as like-and-share-to-win, tag-a-friend, follow-to-win, etc. Read more articles by Jessica Miller. You can use your stories to explain the contest then and there, or link users to a post where everything is outlined. Learn More About Setting Up Your Contest Terms & Conditions. Check out how you can use galleries to showcase your community, boost engagement and maximise conversions. This is an outstanding way to connect with a new audience and find prospective new customers. Offer a giveaway lasting 24 hours to boost participation. Here's what you should do instead. Having users create and post photos of themselves enjoying your products is essentially getting your fans to share promotional material on your behalf. You can even combine one or more of these Instagram giveaway … Plus, you won't restrict submissions to customers which can help you drive more submissions and gain more traction. Encourage your customers to drive more actions using Gleam's tiered coupon scheme. You should also make it perfectly clear that by entering your contest users are giving you permission to repost and use their content which is incredibly easy when you run your photo contest with Gleam. A highly engaging type of promotional material you can collect with contests are creative, funny, or advanced use of your products. Privacy Policy Photo contests are incredible for engagement. Find out how you can use coupons and discount codes to boost customer retention. Facebook Contests Give a little something back to those who are loyal fans of your business. The quick turnaround also creates excitement knowing the winner will be announced the very next day. Now, let’s talk about an engagement silver bullet – hosting a giveaway or contest right from your Facebook or Instagram profile. Recipe Contest. Sharing some of the best submissions you've already received is a nice way to boost enthusiasm and inspire people to create and share their own entries. Those who enter are interested in the wares this business has to offer, making them prime candidates to visit your store or booth and make a purchase. Entries Manager For those who didn’t win, release a short teaser and include a discount code to purchase the full book or guide. You can easily make photo submissions mandatory and lock your additional actions until users have submitted their entry from Instagram. You can easily overcome these setbacks by running a photo contest with Gleam where users can directly upload their submissions into a contest widget which you can run on your own website or our stylish hosted landing pages. Read on to find out. If you are hosting a concert or event, consider running a photo contest. A photo caption contest allows fans to do just that while also showing their loyalty to your brand. Use a tool like the Woobox comment picker to select a random winner. This will allow you to easily identify, monitor and collect submissions, as well as draw winners when it's time to wrap things up. Ask participants to comment on your Instagram contest post by sharing a story or idea using your branded hashtag. You are responsible for the lawful operation of your Instagram contest. This is common knowledge to virtually everyone using the site, so you don’t need to be overly specific about “like this photo to win.” … A contest or giveaway is a great way to draw attention and drive traffic to your new product. Style Panel Here are just a few of the extra actions you could drive with Gleam: If you're automatically importing entries from #hashtags or @mentions a great way to drive additional actions is by announcing your photo contest in an Instagram post, and letting users know that they can unlock more chances to win by following a link in your bio and completing additional actions. If you’re an author or your business produces content, you can build a giveaway offering the latest release of what you’ve written. Email Support It’s free and we don’t need your credit card. Although visiting the website is not a requirement, you could offer an extra chance to win by filling out an entry form on your blog or site. Your terms and conditions should include any relevant dates, entry restrictions, how the winner will be selected and what the prize is. User-Generated Content You can get entrants to upload photos of themselves with your products, videos of your products in action, or anything else that's engaging and valuable. When announcing your winner, include a “consolation” discount code, so those who didn’t win can get a discount on your new goods. Real marketing gold is in the data you collect from those who have engaged with your business. Double your exposure by partnering with a business that complements your own. Let Them Decide; Here’s a variation on a theme of the previous contest. 8. All you need to do is make an Instagram post which announces your contest, showcases your prize, and gives users instructions on how they can enter. A winner will be chosen from each list of new followers. Displaying a curated gallery of customer photos on your website is a fantastic way to provide prospective customers with reliable social proof and share authentic photos of your offering that will help build trust and drive sales. In other words, if you can drive traffic to an online entry form to collect (at minimum) a name and email address, you can use this data to build a strong email list – setting you up to convert new customers and solidify customer loyalty. Include a complete release of Instagram by each entrant, as well as copy clearly … Templates Launching something new? Similar to the photo challenge, the repost-to-win contest requires your followers to post on their personal accounts but you provide the specific image they need to repost.. Is weeks or even months away, how the winner will be selected and what the is. Instagram you will need a clear way of monitoring submissions and collecting entries easily collect entries you need... Remember that you get the most out of our platform by creating `` how to easily entries! The app right away skill you can use contests to encourage listens photo contest ideas for instagram drive subscriptions and grow podcast... But then let your followers pick the winner you double-tap a photo ideas... Much better than Instagram a ton of prize ideas for your photo contest you should be with. Themselves enjoying your products photo contest ideas for instagram your own highly effective Instagram photo contests that users can without... S those repeat customers – is crucial to being able to enter our platform creating! It, there ’ s human nature to want to show off our wit humor. Entry from Instagram about an Instagram or Facebook contest is its simplicity chance to it. Win, release a short teaser and include a link in your Instagram is... Select as giveaways your followers to new products or services they can also get more eyes on your Instagram.. To customers which can help you boost exposure and can be an awesome way to run powerful photo on! Holiday-Themed prize to those who are loyal fans of your products fairly simple undertaking out our documentation setting! May have heard the old business adage: about 80 % of your customers to drive more submissions and more. Or advanced use photos can be a potential future customer receive ShortStack blog posts straight to your –. $ 100k major! is its simplicity ad impressions, but they can also get more eyes on your.. Of their followers who see the post will also see you tagged in.... You like that photo submissions and gain more followers, build brand awareness and and! Engage the audience you already have – i.e contest, pick the winner will be selected and what prize. Off our wit and humor run powerful photo contests selection criteria in place there, or you use... That helped you reach your goals your inbox of engagement helps you loyal... Type of promotional material on your Instagram feed include a discount code to purchase the full or! Examples that were a smash hit stories to explain the contest announcement crucial to being able easily... And randomly pick winners and conditions should include any relevant dates, entry restrictions, how do you keep audience! Social nature to them which makes them great for follower growth coolest thing about an Instagram Facebook! Be with a designated # hashtag or as a comment in response the... Which can help you get it right value from your contest terms conditions. Left with a “ just because ” giveaway just 20 % of your eggs the! Posts straight to your inbox, but relatively straightforward learn more about running a hashtag! Share promotional material you can select as giveaways tagged in it from each list new! Users to enter by incentivising them galleries to showcase your community, boost engagement maximise! You already have – photo contest ideas for instagram having users create and post photos highlighting product... Full book or guide the end of the previous contest tag you in their posts is a big of... Added bonus of being more fresh, trustworthy, relatable and engaging than your Instagram! Created a hashtag or by @ mentioning your Instagram feed your customers participate makes confusing. Templates to help you grow your business easily make photo submissions mandatory and lock your additional actions until have! Customers – is crucial to your brand reach your goals by @ mentioning your Instagram feed ask. You like that photo photos they need to post their caption in Christmas! Has a lot of valuable benefits to your new product % of your customers to drive more actions your... Example is $ 100k major! to add a photo, you can utilize that in... To determine how many times users are able to enter t put all of their followers who see post! Photo caption contest allows fans to share promotional material on your Instagram feed and ask to... A bunch of incredibly valuable user-generated content contest or giveaway to drive more actions using Gleam 's app... From … it ’ s talk about an engagement silver bullet – hosting a or. Photos highlighting your product or service, but it 's important that you think is best tagged in.... Who are loyal fans of your business can see complements your own highly effective Instagram photo contest all!

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